Agreement on Trade in Goods Under the Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Among the Government of the Member Countries of the Association of
Southeast Asian Nations and The Republic of Korea

Malaysia, 24 August 2006

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Article 1: Definitions
Article 2: National Treatment on Internal Taxation and Regulation
Article 3: Tariff Reduction and Elimination
Article 4: Transparency
Article 5: Rules of Origin
Article 6: Modification of Concessions
Article 7: WTO Disciplines
Article 8: Quantitative Restrictions and Non-Tariff Barriers and Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
Article 9: Safeguard Measures
Article 10: Measures to Safeguard the Balance of Payments
Article 11: General Exceptions
Article 12: Security Exceptions
Article 13: Regional and Local Government
Article 14: Institutional Arrangements
Article 15: Review
Article 16: Annexes and Future Legal Instruments
Article 17: Amendments
Article 18: Relations to Other Agreements
Article 19: Dispute Settlement
Article 20: Depositary
Article 21: Entry into Force
Annex 1: Modality for Tariff Reduction and Elimination for Tariff Lines Placed in the Normal Track
Annex 2: Modality for Tariff Reduction/Elimination for Tariff Lines Placed in the Sensitive Track
Annex 3: Rules of Origin
  Appendix 1:  Operational Certification Procedures for the Rules of Origin
  Appendix 2:  Product Specific Rules
  Appendix 3:  Explanatory Notes of Annex 3